Copenhagen Academy Of Fashion Design

Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design (Kobenhavns Mode og Designskole), has educated fashion designers for many years, whom today work in the movie, theatre or television industry. Several of them have started their own businesses.

The education as a fashion designer …. At Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design we work with fashion design. Throughout the duration of the education, we emphasise the importance of developing the students’ creative abilities by providing them with an artistic as well as a visual fealing for good design. This is combined with professional competence in all the different disciplines. The Academy’s design course has a duration of two years.

There is a future in a design education…. A good designer has a talent for transforming his / her creative thoughts and imagination onto paper and subsequently developing it into a final project. However a designer should also be hands-on, knowing all the finer points concerning cutting, draping and sewing, as well as having an in depth knowledge of materials and modern production methods.



Noerrebrogade 45 1 FL

Copenhagen, NL

Toll Free 453.332.8810