Conso International

Founded in 1867, Conso was originally a millinery trimmings company. Formerly known as Conso Products Co. and headquartered in Union, SC, the company has recently undergone changes, but remains the largest manufacturer of decorative trimmings for the home furnishings industry in the world.

Initially dealing with millinery trimmings for the fashion industry, Conso adapted to the growing trend of trimmings in the home. Our products today revolve around the largest selection of stock items ever offered. Special needs for different sales markets have led us to manufacture products in a variety of yarns. We use rayon and acetate, cotton, polyester, UFAC-approved yarns for the furniture industry and, as of late, less traditional media in trimmings and accessory products. Raffia; shell; wooden, metal and glass beads; and even feathers are finding their way into some of our more unusual designs.

In 2000, Conso merged with Wm. Wright Co., a manufacturer and marketer of ribbons and trimmings for the apparel, craft and home decorating consumer market, as well as art and needle products under the brand name Boye, quilting products under the brand name EZ Quilting, and Bondex Iron-On products.

The company currently has production facilities in Coimbatore, India and Shanghai, China. Wm. Wright Co. recently opened a 350,000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art distribution center in Nashville, Tennessee where all brands that the company supplies to the industry are distributed.


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