Coast Shows

Great tides are rising for Karen Bennett, president and founder of COAST Tradeshow. Bennett, a native of Chicago, Illinois, has been involved in the fashion industry for more than a decade, led by her sincere passion for fashion. Her career boasts expertise in couture fashion marketing, sales and successful ownership of an exclusive designer boutique store. Bennett’s tradeshow proficiency began in 1999 when she worked as the Coordinator for the contemporary market at Stylemax in Chicago. Next, she was taken on by ENK International where she dedicated over five years as the director of client relations and eventually took on the position of Intermezzo Coordinator. It was her relationships with designers and showrooms across the globe that truly inspired Karen’s move to launch her own Tradeshow.

COAST is rapidly becoming a global tradeshow by tapping into international markets and designers from around the world. As COAST continues to offer the latest trends, Bennett’s eye for fashion will serve as a gateway, bridging international designers and retailers. Fusing together shores from around the globe,COAST is becoming a permanent driving force in the world of fashion.



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