Canadian Association Of Wholesale Sales Representatives

The Canadian Association of Wholesale Sales Representatives (CAWS) is a non-profit National Association that represents commission apparel sales agents. Its mission is to promote, protect and unite the professional independent sales rep.

CAWS serves as an umbrella organization for its affiliated markets across Canada. Affiliates include; Western Apparel Market (W AM); Trends Apparel Show (TRENDS) Prairie Apparel Market (PAM); Saskatoon Apparel Market (SAM); Western Canada Children’s Wear Market (WCCWM); Ontario Fashion Exhibitors and 100% Fresh (OFE). Together our affiliate markets and their members reach over 5,000 retailers.


Designer, Better, Moderate, Budget


Children, Womens, Mens


Retail, Apparel

Branch Office

1725 Avenue Road

Toronto, ON CA

Main 416.782.8961

Fax 416.782.5876