French for gift, Cadeau is the brainchild of retail executive Emilia Fabricant. Fashioned for the woman who refuses to part with her sense of style during the nine months of pregnancy, the Cadeau label was launched in fall 2002. It is luxurious, fashion forward, comfortable maternity wear for the modern woman. Instead of relinquishing their style, why shouldnt women revel in it during pregnancy? Cadeau celebrates not only pregnancy, but a woman’s body, beauty, and sense of femininity.

With years of retail experience, Emilia Fabricant has certainly grabbed the attention of the fashion industry. Emilia served as Divisional Merchandise Manager for Co-Op at Barneys New York and was responsible for both the creation and launch of Procreation, Barneys private label of maternity fashions.

Cadeaus flagship store opened in New York City in October 2002 in Manhattans Nolita neighborhood. Located at 254 Elizabeth Street, the 1,000 square foot retail space is designed by Thomas Burns and Mitchell Owens. Burns is most famous for designing several Barneys New York locations, including the one-of-a-kind Bridal Shop at the Madison Avenue outpost. High ceilings, antique armoires and freestanding mirrors give the store a more residential feeling. The result: a unique shopping experience wrapped in the comforts of home.


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