Buttonwood Corp

Buttonwood Corp. makes wood buttons, beads, buckles, wooden buttons and wooden toggles from 100% sustainable sources.

Raw wood comes in one door and finished wood trim gets shipped to you out the other. If you were to visit Buttonwood Corp. you would learn the secret of a fine wood finish, that is really no secret at all. Beautiful results can be obtained easily if you know how to prepare the wood surface to accept a finish, “troubleshoot” before application to minimize problems during the finishing process, and use high-quality wood finishing products, to stain, seal and polish with glorious results: that’s the way we do it at Buttonwood.

All our wood and Corozo closures are made here, in our Eco-Friendly factory in Brooklyn, USA.


Children, Womens, Mens


Designer, Better, Moderate, Budget


Buttons & Closures



545 8th Avenue 7th Floor

New York, NY US

Main 212.354.7591

Fax 212.279.0492