Brown Label

Brown Label was founded in October of 2004 by designer Jason Verhoeven and his wife Denise Verhoeven, whose goal is to create a Men’s and Women’s collection that would capture the interest of the consumers from around the world, offering the right mixture of innovative designs in modern classic silhouettes. Verhoeven, a Canadian native, who now considers Los Angeles his home for the past 13 years, has an extensive garment background that spans over 18 years of manufacturing and designing for many Internationally known brands. He has now finally decided to take his newest concept of innovative designs and launched his own premium line – Brown Label, inspired by Modern America, he aims to bring the fusion of cultures and lifestyles together as one! Brown Label is marketed toward the 20 to 45 year old consumer that has integrated denim in each part of their lives both casual and professional. The line is comprised of hand crafted custom designs ranging from classic grass root vintage inspired fits to edgy form fitting runway looks, in a sophisticated blend of indigo washes and colors. One of the key design features is the unique women’s back pocket, which is a trademark to the brand Brown Label. It is intricately designed to add shape and raise the butt, flattering the woman’s natural shape. With each and every pair baring the company’s icon signature B strategically placed to draw your eye to the center of the pocket instead of the outside which projects a sleeker appearance.


Womens, Mens


Jeans & Denim



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Glendale, CA US

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