Bragel International

Bragel, the creator of NuBra.

Bragel International Inc. (BII) was established in 1989 in conjunction with a newly created silicone gel product, called the Breast Enhancer.

Although the Breast Enhancer was originally created for the Asian market, it has quickly become a huge success in the US and European markets. Today, the “breast enhancer” can be found in all major department stores, as well as fine lingerie and retail shops throughout the world.

In 2002, after years of research and development, BII revolutionized the conventional bra with the innovative “NuBra”. This strapless and self-supportive bra has a specially formulated PSA adhesive, which has been clinically tested to be safe and skin-friendly. NuBra is comfortable, versatile, and user-friendly. NuBra is also highly practical and convenient, as it can be used in a pool or in the shower, while remaining secure. This incredible product essentially eliminates the adhesive tape currently marketed in the lingerie industry.




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