Bonded Fashion Wear

Bonded Fashion Wear is a ready-made garment exporter based in Bangladesh. The main focus of this company is to source ready-made garments for overseas clients who do not have an office in Bangladesh, but require to have their quality and delivery schedules implemented in an ethical and professional manner. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced personnel who are in the garments buying & sourcing trades for more than 10 years and have strong grass root contacts with the ready-made garments industries. We have an exhaustive list of vendors, as our line of product is diverse. Some of the vendors besides working with leading importers are also supplying to well known retail chain stores like JC Penny, Wal-Mart, GAP etc.

Our complete spectrum of services include:

SOURCING & SAMPLING: We help to source the best manufacturer who can offer timely delivery of the desired ready-made garments products. The ready made garments can be developed to suit the color, fabric and style requirements of the current season based on sketches and measurements specified by the buyer.

ORDER EXECUTION: Orders are closely monitored at all stages from sampling till dispatch. The buyer is kept informed about the progress made in execution of the order.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Our aim is to deliver high quality and defect free ready-made garments products and regular checks are carried out to monitor the production.

INITIAL CHECK: This is to ensure that not only the ready-made garments but also the fabrics adhere to the basic specifications.

MID-PRODUCTION CHECK: To verify that initial problems if any have been sorted out and check the average quality of the ready made garments products.

FINAL CHECK: Before shipment, the consignment is finally checked; packed and random sampling is undertaken according to U.S. A.Q.L. Standard.

DISPATCH SUPPORT: Shipping documents are checked to verify their conformity to buyer’s instructions and sent well in advance to the buyer.

We have vast experience in the production of following ready-made garments products:

MEN’S WEAR: Shirts, T/Shirts, Jackets, Shorts, Pants & Sweaters.

LADIES WEAR: Dresses, Tops, Blouses, T/Shirts, Skirts, Shorts, Trousers, Jackets & Sweaters.

KIDS WEAR: Rompers, Jumpers, Playsuits, Dresses, Shorts, Trousers, Tops, T/Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Jackets and Shirts.

UNDERWEAR AND LINGERIE: Briefs, Body Suits, Pajama Sets, Night Gowns, Dressing Gowns, Night Shirts and Big Tees.


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463 Road 31

Dhaka, BD

Toll Free 88029881610


463 Road 31

Dhaka, BD

Toll Free 88029881610