Black Rabbit

Black Rabbit is the creation of designer Marguerite de Balincourt. Every fabric, stitch and button choice reflect her loves, her ideas and the aesthetics of her own youth which was split between France and California. Marguerite’s clean designs are an elegant mix of the classic styling she grew up wearing and the lighthearted playfulness she still possesses today. This unique balance allows for every piece in the collection to be versatile enough to be mixed and matched with others in the line or as a complement to something as casual as a pair of jeans and sneakers.

While Black Rabbit is very contemporary in its comfort, choice of fabric, and a subtle unisex palette, one cannot ignore the sense of nostalgia these pieces evoke. This is not an attempt to recapture a passed era, but rather comes from an appreciation of simple, hand crafted, well made garments that could be passed on from generation to generation.

In this time of big corporate entities masquerading as small independent labels, Black Rabbit is very proud to be designed and crafted locally in Los Angeles, absolutely sweatshop free and with a clear conscience.


Boy, Girl, Toddler






Suits & Tailored RTW, Dresses, Dresses



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Agoura Hills, CA US

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