BGA Corp, SnapFashun

BGA/SnapFashun, after 25 years, remains one of the world’s leading retail trend analysts, covering the U.S. and European markets. Their CD services, EyeSpy Europe and USA are renowned for their innovative and sharply focused reporting style. Beside photos each CD includes SnapFashun Adobe Illustrator sketches. EyeSpy is an essential tool for those clients requiring immediate direction for current seasons or for product development.

SnapFashun supplies fashion trend information and software to manufacturers and educational institutions. The group does business with the likes of MGM, Lee Jeans, JCPenney, FIT etc., as well as a host of other manufacturers, schools and retailers.


Womens, Mens



8581 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 515

Los Angeles, CA US

Main 310.659.5956

Fax 323.882.6712