Beth Frank

Beth Frank know for her vintage inspired belts, has expanded the line to include one-of-a-kind purses, leather jackets and watches. The principle is the same as the belts. Find really great vintage pieces and make them more than they thought they could be.

Beth Frank has gone from making buckles in her house to fifteen working together in the studio. “The belts have sold off the shelf in at least three countries. People grab the belts out of our hands when we unpack them at market. Colette in Paris sold their entire order in three days and have now chosen to feature my line in their “Colette’s pick’s” column in January L’Officiel. We sell to Barneys, Saks, Bergdorf’s and Harvey Nichols. In January Neiman Marcus will be placing us in twenty of their stores. And here in Buckleland we shake our heads slightly in puzzlement, I mean we think they’re pretty cool, but not the second coming….”


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