Bel Maille

Created in the 5Os by Jacques Bel, Bel Maille specialises in the production of circular knitted fabric for Men, Women and Childrens ready-to-wear industry, and also underwear, swimwear, fabric for sport and industrial technical textilesFollowing a fire in January 1989, the Group Bel Maille site was re-located to a 11000m? site - Workshops 4000m? - Storage 6100m? - Offices 500m?Bel Maille has integrated knitting, finishing and the sales of highly creative and technical knits in the same unit.The 600 product collection, more than 1600 differents colours, increases daily by 3 new knits. Our Design office, Research and Development department works continuously to create new styles and works regularly with external Design Offices. Our products are mainly designed for making-up, central buyers and industrial users in the technical knits.


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32, Rue Paul Forge Zi La Villette- B.P. 6

Riorges, FR

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