Bee For A Cause

Bee For A Cause

  • Noun

          A Social Enterprise That Grants People The Opportunity To Take Part In Humanitarianism Through Philanthropic Shopping


        Thinking And Acting With Results That Are Beneficial And Have A Positive Impact On Others And Your Community


Gandhi Once Said, IBe The Change You Wish To See In The Worldî And Thatís My Personal Mantra Which Is Weaved Into Everything That I Do With Bee For A Cause.

As An Advocate For Equal Opportunity And A Better Future, I Use 25% Of Each Purchase To Provide Educational Supplies To Schools In Low Income Districts.

I’M Not Name Dropping Or Anything, But, Here Are Some Organizations That I Super Grateful To Have Worked With: NEST, Social Enterprise Alliance, Ghalib Academy Of America, Step Up Womenís Network, Child Fund International, Unicef, CARE, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago, Give Forward, Primo Center, Boys & Girls Club Of America, Family Rescue Inc., & Mercy Home For Boys & Girls




Better, Moderate





Riverside Drive

Chicago, IL US

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