Beau And Eros

Brilliant as the name itself, Caroline is the Designer and President of beau & eros. She has continued to step outside the tee-zone. Caroline started her t-shirt line in 1999 and has now expanded it into complete collections for each season. Although she is always up-to-date on the trends, Caroline has never lost sight of the initial inspiration behind the line which was to design for the feminine and flirty female, and the woman who wants to be noticed.Thinking outside the boxy tee, Carolines designs always radiate a sexy and feminine attitude. Caroline and her design team focus on the best attributes of a womans body. For example, her signature tube top with a built in bra insert (for those who have a little or a lot) makes being sexy functional. Whether it bares a shoulder or the small of your back, Caroline insists on always being true to her fit. beau & eros is designed tohighlight what makes us girls stand out!







860 South Los Angeles Street Suite 949

Los Angeles, CA US

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