Babel Fair

BABEL FAIR is a specialty women’s apparel and lifestyle boutique with two locations: in downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY. Dedicated to representing international labels, Babel Fair carries a unique and constantly changing global assortment. From Japanese denim to Argentinean leather, Babel Fair offers a rare shopping experience showcasing talent from around the world.

BABEL FAIR SHOWROOM is dedicated to growing and developing international brands in the American Market. Our mission is to supply the American consumer with innovative labels from around the world. Babel Fair focuses on sales & branding strategy to maximize potential growth and meet our clients’ needs. The Babel Fair Showroom team offers extensive knowledge on logistics and distribution as well. After the successful launch of Babel Fair the retail store in New York City, dubbed as [a store that] “shops the entire planet and plucks from its bazaars the very coolest, most original looks for women,” by Black Book Magazine, the Babel Fair team has translated its ability to scout up and coming international talent for showroom representation.


Better, Moderate






Showroom 545 8th Avenue, Suite 1250

New York, NY US

Main 646.455.0524


260 Elizabeth Street

New York, NY US

Main 646.360.3685