B C America Inc

B C is a print mill with expertise in Silk piece goods for Necktie, Scarf and Garment. The company has its own production base in Seoul South Korea.

Founded in 1989, in the heart of New York City, B.C. has become one of the worlds leading manufacturers of finest silk fabrics and accessories. B.C. has its production bases in Korea and China, respectively known as B.C. Corp., Korea and Shandong B.C. Textile Co., Ltd., and Rushan B.C. Necktie Co., Ltd., both in China. All our silk fabrics and accessories are produced by our highly skilled in-house designers, engineers and craftsmen. With their dedication and expertise, they have helped this company achieve our place among the most respected suppliers of high-end silk fabrics and accessories in this competitive market.

B.C. America has its design facility in New York City for your convenience. Our design studio is fully staffed by highly skilled designers to provide full range of design services such as original art development, modification of the art and production of color-way and repeats. This New York City design facility was founded to serve our valuable clients like you.

At our production facilities in Korea and China, under strict quality standards, designs are transformed into finest silk fabrics and accessories. Our quality and workmanship are recognized as among the finest in the silk industry. In fact, our Rushan B.C. Necktie Co., Ltd., China has been approved by numerous globally recognized Compliance enforcing agencies for meeting their strictest manufacturing guidelines to produce ties for major retailers in the United States.


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