Since its foundation in 1977 Delcam plc has grown to become one of the largest developers of Computer-Aided Design & Manufacturing (CADCAM) software in Europe. At present Delcam has more than 25,000 customers in over 80 countries world-wide and has won the Queen’s Award of Enterprise for three consecutive years.

In the late 1980’s Delcam identified a common requirement during product design for the quick and efficient creation of manufacturable 3D models from 2D images & artwork. Consequently, in 1991 the first version of ArtCAM was released allowing product logos and artistic flourishes to be added to precision engineering components. Over the years however it became clear that ArtCAM also provides a unique solution for artists and designers to produce intricate manufacturable models without the need for conventional technical or engineering skills.

Now with more than 15 years of development, ArtCAM seamlessly spans the gap between artisans and engineers, carefully combining the strengths of both approaches to form a uniquely powerful 3D modeller, but with all the simplicity of a paint package. Drawing on the expertise and technology of Delcam’s world-leading manufacturing software, PowerMILL, ArtCAM also provides a fully-integrated CNC or Rapid Prototype manufacturing solution.

Over the years ArtCAM has provided the core modelling and manufacturing environment for thousands of businesses covering a diverse range of markets including; the design of coins in all of the major national Mints, signs, packaging, architectural pieces, jewellery, ceramics, house wares, jewellery, musical instruments, movie props and even ice sculptures.

ArtCAM is now available in 6 distinct variants from the entry-level ArtCAM Express, all the way up to the flag-ship ArtCAM Pro. Businesses can be confident of finding a product that is best suited to their current needs, but with the reassurance of a clear and simple upgrade path allowing ArtCAM’s capabilities to expand as the business grows. As ArtCAM is also designed to compliment each of the other products in Delcam’s software portfolio, the possibilities are endless.


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