Armbrust International Ltd.

Armbrust’s team of professionals strives to develop lasting partnerships with its customers. Designers count on Armbrust for freshness and ideas, little things that can make such a big difference. Buyers rely on the prompt and courteous service of the Customer Care Team. Managers know they receive the best combination of quality, price and support available in the industry. As we continue into this new century, we the professionals at Armbrust International have rededicated ourselves to the principals of our founder. Acknowledging our proud tradition and committing ourselves to forging our own future. Armbrust continues to provide quality products, competitively priced, with a personal touch. After all, ours is a product that is an expression of our individuality, our personal style, our own uniqueness. Our business that is about one thing and one thing only, people like you and your customers.







735 Allens Avenue

Providence, RI US

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