Arkaik is known for its fine metalwork and uncompromising attention to detail, using materials of only exceptional quality and taking great care to craft each design by hand. Gold (18K) and Silver (925K) are used together to convey an old-world sensuality, lending Arkaik jewelry its distinct look and feel. Strong design lines embrace the natural brilliance of precious and semi-precious stones, providing an artful balance between hand-forged metal and rustic simplicity. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted; color, texture and design combine with skilled workmanship to form stunning contemporary jewelry reminiscent of thousand-year old traditions.

For over 20 years, Semra and Birol Ecer have been designing and crafting fine jewelry in Istanbul. In 1988 they founded Arkaik Art Jewelry, a boutique design studio, where they could bring their passion for design to life. The Ecers chose the Turkish word, arkaik, which translates to ancient, archaic, because it reflects the source of their inspiration. Drawing from historical and cultural motifs, they handcraft timeless works of wearable art, infusing each piece with the spirit of the past while remaining true to their personal voice. Arkaik designs are unique - earthy and sumptuous, evoking ancient mysteries, reflecting natures splendor and enveloping the woman of today in lasting beauty.




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New York, NY US