Aridza Bross

Aridza Bross big French priest of the “seventies revival” in the nineties, who by its vintage inspired creations, that most beautiful and famous adored, reinvented an emblematic style revisited today by others and not of least. Its aged leathers, re aged, its tunics, dresses, shirts with reformed silhouettes and its small meshes kntieed hand, were worth to him the so much desired title of “small prince of the mode.” This timeless chic impresses of a nostalgia perfume, it is also laid down as a veil on the “essentials”, declining thus all that it is right to wear: bags, jewels, scarf, shoes, glasses… This icon, appreciated from New York to Paris passing by MIlan and tokyo is also, and especially, known today for its bags and other accessories, manufactured in the purest tradition of the great leather makers. Tote bags altered, scaled, used, “vintagized” to become the most important point, the graphic punctuation, the point of the “I” of a successful silhouette. Make this common object the essential, slaughing itself een empty or full, held in hand or on the hsoulder, to finish signing the personality of each one. Such is the mission of this shapes and materials enchanter, who simply makes the past younger until don’t recognizing it anymore. Here is what should charm even more the most beautiful creatures who are for ever the women.




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