Argento Vivo Sterling Silver

NY-Gold and platinum aren’t the only metals fashion mavens find precious. Sterling Silver, with its seductively smooth texture, glossy sheen and fluid lines, is considered sexy and stylish by women of all ages, fashionistas and trend-setters alike. Argento Vivo Signature, the collection of high-polished silver designed for the highly-polished woman, has re-defined the art, passion and fashion of silver jewelry.

The Argento Vivo Signature collection is inspired by the most luxurious elements of life: high-fashion, exotic travel, timeless architecture and the ageless craftsmanship of artisans. Each Argento Vivo Signature piece is hand casted and hand polished to ensure the integrity and quality of the collection. To enhance the natural beauty of the silver, each piece is also e-coated, which is a high-tech anti-tarnish process, to maintain a lustrous, highly-polished shine.

The collection includes bangles and rings which range from sleekly defined to bold and chunky, and can be worn alone or layered with other Argento Vivo Signature pieces. Earrings and hoops feature linear chains hung with smooth silver nuggets, stiletto pendants in various widths and lengths, and tear-drop-shaped designs. Necklaces range from links made of flowing forms and geometric shapes to chains and sophisticated leather cords hung with sculptural pendants. Most pieces feature Argento Vivo Signature’s clasp, artistically created to incorporate into every piece as part of the design.

Headed by Sam Koumi, Argento Vivo Signature is designed by a team that travels the world, continuing to be inspired by everything from the rolling waves of the ocean to a cutting-edge couture fashion show.







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