Anzevino & Florence

Its all about juxtaposition for the fashion duo Anzevino & Florence. With William Anzevino hailing from the east coast and Richard Florence from west, they find inspiration in opposing forces. Who else could find commonality between Warhol and Thoreau? But they do so convincingly, distilling both down to the exaltation of the ordinary. The two artists met in 2000 and stumbled into fashion when they were commissioned by the Andy Warhol Museum to develop a line of t-shirts using his images. The line, which featured obscure Warhol paintings, film stills, and quotes created a sensation and propelled them to create their own brand which was immediately picked up by such fashion heavyweights as Barneys New York, Ron Herman, Lane Crawford in Hong Kong and Ships ltd in Japan. Their designs continued to feature artwork, this time their own, along with nature-inspired patterns, and Anzevinos clever, cryptic sentences, and Florences asymmetric and architectural lines. It was a natural progression for them to open a store on Hollywood Blvd last December. The store, equal parts art gallery and retail boutique, also reflects their confluence of organic vs. synthetic, with large salvaged tree trunks, exposed brick and Anzevinos paintings adorning the walls. Sometimes catastrophes become trophies is the brilliant title given to their latest collection which is a foray into the realms of high fashion, featuring unique silhouettes out of supple fabrics. The interactive, modular outfits, made with ultra comfortable fabrics like Modal and Bamboo are inspired by fencing garb, architecture, and tree bark, says ANZEVINO and FLORENCE


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