Anonyme Designers

ANONYME Designers was established when a team of anonymous designers from Spain, Italy, France, and United Kingdom launched a women’s collection characterized by the femininity of the garments and their stylish prints.

ANONYME Designers pays all the attention to the garments they design, in how they are worn and especially, to the people who are wearing them. they reflect the will of recovering fashion origins, differentiating from the current trend in fashion in which all the attention is drawn to the designerís reputation.

The team’s division between the major fashion capitals gives ANONYME Designers the unique possibility to grasp all trends, even before they emerge, and offer them immediately to every person in need of it. Their commitment is to create feminine, elegant and surprising collections, and their garments are sensual as they imply aesthetic pleasure and gratification of the senses.

ANONYME Designers sells its designs in more than 350 multi-brand shops all over Spain, Italy, Benelux and North America, and is currently about to launch an online shop which will be made available throughout the whole world.




Better, Moderate






Calle Llull, 51 3-3

Bacelona, ES

Toll Free 34930105467