Amy Kahn Russell

To heighten designer awareness, Amy Kahn Russell pieces come to its owner with history and a label describing the components. The high demand and popularity of her work are directly related to the fact that she painstakingly designs every piece. Often the rarity and individuality of the material limit the duplication of style. Although extremely fashion forward, the versatile line also caters to the more conservative or Fine Jewelry customer. High quality goods at affordable prices are an essential part of Amy’s basic philosophy. he unique jewelry has been displayed on the necks and arms of the rich and famous such as Madonna, model Iman, Halle Berry, and designer Mary McFadden. Russell’s designs have appeared regularly on TV and movie screens, as well as in photo shoots for Vogue, Essence, Mirabella, Glamour, Revlon, and Emmanuel Ungaro to name a few. The designer pieces are exhibited in numerous museums including the Natural History Museum, American Craft Museum, Smithsonian Museum and Asia Society as well as upscale art-to-wear venues. They are distributed in art galleries, prestigious boutiques, catalogs, and specialty stores.







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Wilton, CT US

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