Amy Byer

In 1964 we sold the first Byer California garment, this white cotton blouse: Today, our company has grown to include a huge selection of clothing styles for all ages, and we are now one of the leading garment manufacturers in the USA. Youll probably recognize some of our labels from your favorite Department Store. A.BYER sportswear and BYER TOO! dresses are featured in most junior departments:

For girls youll find a great new selection of AMY BYER 4-6x and 7-16 sportswear and dresses each season. And look for AGB, our brand of misses casual and career styles in both dresses and sportswear: We are constantly on the lookout for the newest trends and the freshest styles, and our designers travel the globe year ‘round bringing the best ideas back to you. No matter what happens in the world of fashion, were always on top of it. And we get the latest Byer styles to you as quickly as possible because most of our clothing is made right here in the USA. While other companies plan their lines six months or even one year before their clothes hit the stores, we act with lightning speed to produce garments that reflect the very latest in fashion. We never let our consumer miss the boat on a hot trend or a great new look. At Byer we are committed to bringing you fashionable styles that fit your body and your budget.




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