American Sewing Dynamics Inc

We design and manufacture handbags, evening purses, pet carriers, business cases, PDA cases, biker gear, travel bags and accent home furnishing with passion for unique, exquisite, rich look.

Because we believe in uniqueness and high quality. Because we try our best to service our customers. Because we patiently build our company and factory, created jobs and rehabbed distressed facility. Because we believe in American made goods, American talent and American craftsmanship. Because we came from different countries, with different backgrounds and believes and we together want to make our dream to come true. .

Contractor of luggage, handbags, computer cases & sportbags in leather, suede, vinyl, PU & all fabrics. Our factory is fully equipped with computerized bar tackers, singles needle, cylinder, walking foot, zig-zag and serging machines, skivers, travel head and swing arm clickers, punching, grommeting and riveting machines, cutting tables with electrical knives, hot stamping and embroidery machines, gluing machines, automatic webbing cutter, material source library, sample room and a rapidly aging plant manager.

AMSDYNA, Inc. (ASD) is a Chicago based manufacturer of sewn products from a variety of materials, such as leather, fabrics, vinyl and upholstery grade fabrics. Located at 30,000 SF facility with over 450 machines, ASD is uniquely positioned to accommodate diversified productions of garments, shoe uppers and carrying cases.

As ISO 9000 equivalent certified government contractor, ASD has been producing military garments, military and industrial leather boots and carrying cases.

ASD has been sucessfully executing contracts for a wide range of customers, such as Department of Defense, Allen Edmonds Shoe Co., Red Wing Shoe Co., McRae Shoe Co., Belleville Shoe Co., Carter Industries, Bagmaster, Brauer Brothers, Piel, Samsonite, Bagolitas, Sojourn, 1154 Lill Studio, ComEd, Abbot Laboratories, Dauphin, MicroComm, American Hotel Registry, Bel-Tronics, Cooper Lighting, Micro Solutions, OmniSky, Trinitech, Konexx, Motorola, Spiegel, Harris, Ameritech, Data General and Owens-Corning, among others.


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