American Reusable Textile Association

Were known as ARTA, and we represent companies that make or maintain washable textilesthe kind used in many familiar industries such as: HEALTHCARE, including hospitals, clinics and medical offices, long-term care facilities, and assisted-living facilitiesARTA members make or furnish medical devices such as surgical packs; incontinence products; bed linen and other flatgoods; surgical, staff, and patient apparel; dining room and kitchen linen; and the auxiliary products for their care and maintenance. HOSPITALITY, including hotels, motels, and restaurantsARTA member companies furnish bed and bath linen, dining room and kitchen uniforms and linen, and the auxiliary products for their care and maintenance. MANUFACTURING AND SERVICEARTA member companies furnish uniforms, shop towels, mats and mops, and the auxiliary products for their care and maintenance.Many of our members make the textiles; some manufacture machinery, chemicals, and equipment to process and care for them; others maintain and supply reusable textiles to those who use them. We are all dedicated to the premise that recycling our resources is the most responsible solution to the problem of dwindling space on this, our planet Earth.






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