All Star Plastics Industries

All Star Plastics started as a plastic injection molder in 1976. Back then All Star Plastics had two machines, and our primary injection molded product was used in the funeral industry. Over the next ten years the shop grew, and in 1986 All Star Plastics had 10 molding machines and 20 full time employees, serving diversified trades with a variety products and custom manufactured solutions. For the next 14 years All Star Plastics worked hard to compete with better priced imported products, but by the year 2000, All Star Plastics decided to stop our custom molding service, and close our mold-making tool room. All Star Plastics continued injection molding of their own products, but All Star Plastics no longer did so for anyone else.In 2006 All Star Plastics continue to injection mold our own products at the Montreal factory. but those same globalization forces have brought about some positive changes for All Star Plastics clients.Today All Star Plastics also partners with domestic and foreign factories, to once again offer custom manufactured services. State of the art logistical support, allows them to ship goods from factories in Canada, USA, China, and India, to almost anywhere in the world, at competitive prices. Core competencies for All Star Plastics the main activities are now, Plastic Injection Molding, Plastic Fabrication, Die-Casting, Spin Casting, and Metal Stamping


Children, Womens, Mens


Accessory Findings, Beads & Pearls, Gems & Rhinestones, Appliques & Transfers



5730 Donahue Street

Montreal, CA

Main 514.337.0524

Fax 514.337.6895