Alexandra Hart

Artist’s statement:

Dramatically alluring yet signally protective natural organic forms inspire me. Curvilinear or spiny shapes that create safe interior spaces intrigue me the most. I hope to create bold sculptural jewelry that is seductive yet solitary, graceful yet guarded. Working mostly with hammer forming, carving and fabricating techniques, I utilize fully the metals three dimensional potential. While maintaining a contemporary artistic vernacular, I strive always to honor the long history of metalsmithing design and cultural tradition. An example of this is my work on the “Brllopskronan, a traditional Swedish bridal crown. The bride wears a simple crown owned by her parish, either directly on her head or over the veil. The crown was originally made of myrtle leaves but today they are commonly silver, or bronze. Beginning with the traditional vertical form of these crowns, I use my aesthetic to develop this avant garde sculptural piece. Born in Salem, Massachusetts; currently living in San Diego, California as a full time metalsmith. Attended Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York (B.S. 1989) and Rochester Institute of Technology: School for American Crafts, Rochester, New York (M.F.A. 1994).


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