Alain Mikli Ltd, North America Office

Alain’s first encounter with glasses thirty years ago was a case of love at first sight. In 1978, with his optician’s diploma still fresh in his pocket, twenty-three year-old Alain founded his company: Mikli Diffusion. Very quickly, the self-taught businessman and visionary designer established the pedigree of glasses. His art made a prosthesis into something that was as much an object to see with as a fashion accessory to be seen in. All of the greats of show business had been won over by the Mikli style and concept. In 1983, Elton John wore a pair of Mikli glasses in public for the first time. These sent out a ripple of excitement through the fashion world and revolutionized eyeglass design.

In 2000, Alain Mikli International employees 220 and racked up FF 220 million in sales. It has two stores in Paris, one in Dusseldorf, another in New York and three in Tokyo. More than a half million pairs of Mikli glasses have been sold around the world.






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