In early 1996, AFRITEX began operations as a wholesaler of African print fabrics. Understanding that there was a void for consumers to find African inspired designs in the fabric market, AFRITEX worked hard to become the number one fabric source for contemporary African prints. Starting with only eight designs, the company became a remarkable success. AFRITEX expanded its collections to include brocades, used mainly for traditional African outfits like the gran bou bou, and mudcloth prints, inspired by the original Bogolanfini cloths of Mali, West Africa. AFRITEX has become one of the largest distributors of contemporary African prints in America.

In October 1997, AFRITEX unveiled its newest showcase of designs and fabrics for contemporary clothing and accessories called the A-HO-MA collection. The A-HO-MA collection: a fabric showcase of African impressions, is AFRITEX’s answer to the demands of haute couture and bridal designers need for African inspired designs in finer fabrics. The collection consists of gold prints, silks, and george (a beaded and woven fabric with gold threads). With AFRITEX’s new collection and its commitment to be a complete fabric source, consumers will for the first time have a choice of African prints in varied fabrics from cottons to silks!

AFRITEX is a company that believes in innovation and meeting the needs and demands of consumers. Its design and marketing team’s belief in drawing heavily on African History and culture has been the driving force in AFRITEX’s ability to develop unique collections never seen before in the United States market.

AFRITEX’s mission is to be the number one fabric source for contemporary African prints in all of the Americas through its innovative designs and products.


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