Aaron Chang

Aaron Chang’s mission statement reads: “I find my inspiration in the overwhelming perfection of the design. It is my hope that, when presented with the beauty and majesty of the world, viewers might ponder the gift of life given to us so freely. It is our nature to become easily blinded to this beauty and forget what a wonder it is to be alive. My intention is to create photographs that cause the viewer to appreciate what surrounds them and to celebrate the joy of being alive.”

Aaron Chang is a legendary name in the sport of surfing, as well as the co-founder of a multi-million-dollar apparel company that bears his name. In addition, Aaron operates a thriving commercial photography business. His photographs have been used in advertising by clients such as Nike, Yamaha, Levi’s, Macy’s and Polaris, to name a few. Most recently his work was featured in a global advertising campaign for Mercedes-Benz.




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