A & H Manufacturing Co.

A&H is the world’s leading manufacturer in its specialized field, maintaining stock programs for more than 150 major retail chains worldwide.

Since 1967 A&H, along with its affiliated companies in London, England; Toronto, Canada; Taipei, Taiwan and most recently, Shenzhen, China, have been responsible for attracting consumers to the top names in the fashion accessories industry with plastic and paper packaging including display cards, tags and labels.

A&H’s manufacturing processes include multi-tone extrusion and injection molding of plastic, vacuum forming, multi-color printing, coating, laminating, folding, gluing, stringing, embossing, hot-stamping, and hermetically as well as ultrasonic sealing.

In addition, A&H has extensive tool and die facilities and state-of-the-art in-house art and pre-press departments. For many customers, the art department starts with simply an idea the customer has presented for a new product or a new design of a current product and then our artists design the logo, its graphic presentation on the packaging and forward it to the manufacturing team for production. This process continually proves successful for the fashion industry’s leading designers.




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