2 Chix

Natasha Koudsi and Amy Bright, the co-founders of 2, began an arranged friendship by their then boyfriends.

Before long, both couples were engaged and the girls began to plan their respective weddings. Upon searching for the perfect engagement announcements, Natasha and Amy determined that they had fresher ideas than what was currently available in the stores. They decided to create their own engagement announcements, which became such hits amongst their families and friends, that other people began to commission them to create invitations and cards for their special occasions. What started out as weekly girls night out turned into Friday night girls night in work sessions and subsequently, 2 was born.

As their respective wedding dates drew near, ironically both girls had bridesmaids that had become pregnant. During several of their excursions to find bridesmaids dresses for their expecting bridesmaids, they were constantly reminded of the difficulty in finding cute yet sexy, trendy and comfortable maternity clothing. With their candid sentiments and clever graphics, Natasha and Amy were encouraged by their pregnant friends to expand their greeting card line to maternity apparel. Utilizing their friends as focus groups and fit models, 2 came up with the perfect formula for the perfect maternity tops.


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