1g Collection

Each 1G Collection features exclusive editions limited runs and custom bag offerings for those who demand modern individualism. Distinctive designs, exacting lines, and exquisite details indicate uniqueness,and a classic modern style. We invite you to experience our commitmentto upholding the iconic heritage and legendary style of one of the world.s greatest fashion icons through the mark of 1G.

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Today 1G is the mark of distinction. It symbolizes design excellence, quality and craftsmanship.

Each bag is numbered and embossed with a mark of 1G as verification of authenticity. A protective cover is included for storage and preservation.

Our commitment to excellence is instilled in the purity of leathers and refined textures carefully selected in the design process. Rich colors emote a sensual, yet modern femininity.

Exacting lines reflect a natural elegance. Exquisite details indicate uniqueness, yet maintain an inherent reverence for classic style. Each creation achieves a balance of timeless design, and exceptional quality.

All bags are made with by-product leather, from Italy, France, Spain and New Zealand. The manufacturing is done in the USA by hand.




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