Young Women's Color S/S 2010 Design Options Trend Report

Courtesy of Design Options Inc

Color Trend Report Young Women’s, Contemporary: Spring/Summer 2010 presents an exciting range of color for the young contemporary women’s market: Amped Up, neon intensified. Au Naturel, unadulterated by product of nature, Free Style, unrestained color. Touch of Blush, feminine and glowing. Tropical Twist, sultry vibrant color. And, Pastel Perfect, delicate warmth. Six color themes with inspiration boards and brief write ups. Courtesy of Design Options Inc, the color forecasting company who brings Southern California’s unique aesthetic to the world.


Young Women’s, Contemporary Market Color

#### Amped Up

Neon intensified and amplified. Amped Up. Lime green and bright yellow shades of strobe light and wacky fanatic exude funkiness on a palette of vinyl and metallic spandex. Unconventional and bizarre metal eyelets and dog leash fasteners evoke a notion of fearlessness. Luminous orange and hot pink tones of precocious and gaudy ignite bubbly, plastic backdrops of slinky knit and cotton jersey. Extreme in degree. Amped Up.

Au Naturel

An unadulterated by product of nature. Au Naturel. Slate blue and ecru shades of organic and purity emphasize flowing silhouettes on sequined cotton batiste. Earthy stone trim gives originality and a feeling of transparency to deep and elegant necklines. Iced green and light olive tones of untouched and authentic terrestrial highlight clean edges and elasticized stitching. Earthy and absolute. Au Naturel.

Free Style

Liberated and unrestrained style. Free Style. Orchid and deep pink shades of emancipation and uninhibited harmonize fluid movements of silk habotai and organza. Pinkish violet and light sea green hues of sovereignty and triumphant exuberance give an alluring depth to wisps of taffeta and charmante. Poignant, raw edges exude liberty and inner serenity. Style transcending boundaries of the mind. Free Style.

Pastel Perfect

Delicate, weightless and flawless. Pastel Perfect. Glowing yellow and sea foam green hues of infallible and impeccable radiate lustrous surfaces of plain woven taffeta. Salmon and smokey pink tones of beautiful ideal and precision create balance on a canvas of sateen weaves and net bound edges. Light orange shades of exquisite illuminate brilliant stretches of fine spun tricot. Perfection and purity. Pastel Perfect.

Touch Of Blush

A perfect touch for the femme fatale. Touch Of Blush. Yellow gold and light pink shades of glow and flushed cheeks evoke a notion of virtue and temptation on a backdrop of Duchesse Satin. Deep rose mingles with gold-flecked ribbon, accentuating delicate, fluttering nuances. Mauve and fuchsia tones of deep love and modesty inspire extreme femininity on gabardine and tulle. A feminine touch. Touch Of Blush

Tropical Twist

Sultry vibrations with a twist. Tropical Twist. Vibrant turquoise and green shades of cool breezes and lush terrain create a parallel balance in a backdrop of ethereal views. Coral and pink tones of irradiant flamingo and plumeria reveal subtle stitching and precise edges on plain weave poplin. Purple hues of opium coil indicate an unrestrained peculiarity on flat-felled seams. A twist below the equator. Tropical Twist.

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