Young Men's SS 2008 Color Trends

Courtesy of Design Options Inc

Young Men’s spring / summer 2008 color trend report, courtesy of Design Options, features six themes for the season. The report includes: Tribal Rhythm - oganic and crinkled, Mind Games - star dust and iridescent tones, Heartthrob - dreamy and rugged, King of Kool - urban and sumptuous, American Rag - rave on traditional and Native Weave.


Tribal Rhythm

Listen to the rhythm Tribal Rhythm. Charcoal and brown shades of lava stone and burnt leaf highlight abraded hemp surfaces. Organic rinses give crinkled linen fabrics a hint of color. Irregular geometric shapes look like decoration found on ancient masks. Beige and sand tones of woven reed and fresh ash outline jagged embroidery detailing. Silver and gray tints of ceremonial stone and rising smoke cover khaki separates for masculine appeal. Move to the rhythm Tribal Rhythm.

Mind Games

Let the games begin Mind Games. Gray and blue hues of star dust and diamond sky are showcased on iridescent moule stripes. Photographic prints are layered to create prismatic effects. Quilted surfaces look like floating clouds that appear in a dream. Pink and rose tones of crystal illusion and faceted fantasy color miniature paisley patterns. Purple and silver shades of violet haze and platinum mist fill in blurred checks and dots that are placed side by side. Open your mind Mind Games.


The perfect man Heartthrob. Purple and brown hues of dreamy and rugged are used to give denim separates a new sophistication for the modern male. Tone-on-tone plaid patterns are refreshing for summer. Cool chambray shirting is perfect for the great outdoors. Rose and coral tones of desert romance and sunset kiss color an exciting blend of bayko and ratine yarns. Bronze and violet tints of midnight cowboy and rodeo sky fill in a playful mix of miniature and large-scale checks. He stole my heart Heartthrob.

King of Kool

All hail the king King of Kool. Turquoise and emerald tones of so suave and urban style shade sumptuous barathea silk. Glistening metallic pinstripes have a fashionable sheen that gets noticed. Textural plisse effects stimulate the senses. Mint and crystal shades of bling time and nice ice highlight modern marocain ribs that enhance each surface. Sapphire and indigo hues of luxe life and rap star are showcased on herringbone twills for added panache. I’m the king of the world King of Kool.

American Rag

American style American Rag. Blue and green tints of culture club and party people shade patchwork squares of luminous satin. Swirling polka dots and dancing orbs cover cool poplin. Brilliant bayadère and rugby stripes are paired on eye-catching designs. Yellow and orange shades of strobe light and trance music give classic plaids a new glow that is perfect for nighttime fun. Red and purple hues of rave on and ultra violet shade pulsating paisley patterns. The young Americans American Rag.

Native Weave

A splash of color Native Weave. Blue and green shades of magic sky and perfect stem enhance visually stunning barre patterns. Skip dent effects enliven crisp shirting for a look that is unique and stylish. Polished ondule cottons have a sun-kissed sheen that soothes the soul. Olive and yellow hues of enchanted willow and mystical sun brighten textured node cloth. Pink and mauve tones of sandy cloud and rose flame are showcased on mottle yarns. Natural splendor awaits Native Weave.