Young Men's Color S/S 2010 Design Options Trend Report

Courtesy of Design Options Inc

Color Trend Report Young Men’s, Contemporary: Spring/Summer 2010 brings in a range of trends from Ultra Cool which defines street culture with flashy accents on a scenery of faded monochromes, to 60’s Revival, a resurrection of hippie-esque antiquity, and Tribal Calling with eclectic influences from long ago. On display: a color trend board with palettes and a quick synopsis of incoming tendencies for the Young Men’s contemporary market. Courtesy of Design Options Inc, the color forecasting company who brings Southern California’s unique aesthetic to the world.


Young Men’s, Contemporary Market Color

#### 60’s Revival

A resurrection of hippie-esque antiquity. 60’s Revival. Tan and cream tones of renaissance and rebirth of cool harmonize on a backdrop of legendary rock moguls. Pale green and sea blue combinations of iconic restoration and rock star mingle with perfection on smooth edges and psychedelic nuances. Visions of 1960’s novelty fabrications come to mind and exude a defiant vigor. A resurgence of cool. 60’s Revival.


Clear visions beyond the sea. Beachcomber. Dark yellow-gold and orange shades of seashore and sand dollar saturate ribbed cotton jersey and highlight feather stitching. Brown and cornflower blue tones of rolling waves and high tide outline tweed and rope-like edges. Royal and silvery blue hues of Waikiki and luau illuminate a canvas of laid-back landscapes of brilliant sunsets. Seaside visions. Beachcomber.

Living Spaces

Outwardly bold retrospections. Living Spaces. Cobalt blue and aqua tints of subsistence and animated inflections illuminate hidden corners and sharp edges. Brown and orange shades of vital sustenance and headroom give depth and breadth to distorted shapes. Chartreuse and goldenrod hues of spatiality and vast expanse outline silk embroidery within a setting of obscure confidence. Outward and audacious. Living Spaces.

Solid Ground

An immovable state of existence. Solid Ground. Pearl white and light khaki hues of concentrate and undivided exude warmth and depth on a canvas of multi-layered textures and ethnic trim. Olive and yellow-gold tones of unshakable core and powerful balance are eloquently woven into Pekinese stitching while accentuating soft cotton jersey…Unyielding and resilient. Solid Ground.

Tribal Calling

Eclectic influence from long ago. Tribal calling. Midnight blue and lime green shades of ethnic diversity and human creativity give textured stitching balance and zest. Brown and golden tints of eccentric heritage and cultural undertaking create a balancing act between darkness and light. Deep pink and violet hues of ancestry and distinct lineage unite complex proportions on silken shapes. Tribal calls of unity. Tribal Calling.

Ultra Cool

Defined street culture. Ultra Cool. Sky blue and light green hues of ubiquitous motion and stylistic resonate vividly on a scenery of faded monochromes. Red and orange combinations of urban shapes and cross mode exude ultra fashionable flair on mixed patterns of patchwork. Muted brown and faded yellow shades give flashy accents to subdued lines and multi-faceted textures. Hip and over the top. Ultra Cool.

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