Young Men's Color FW 2008-09

Courtesy of Design Options Inc

Fall / Winter 2008-2009 - Lux metro, a global view, center court prep and rugged country, categorize a few of the top palettes for the young men’s market. The Fall 2008, Winter 2009 season is ultimately relaxed, with an easy spirit overtone rather than tightly buttoned…

young mens-fw08ym

Easy Spirit… A free spirit… Easy Spirit.

Blue and mint shades of chilled air and frosted leaf cover denim separates perfect for relaxed weekend days. Sanded suede jackets and shirts bring a masculine touch to the newest combinations. Stenciled stripes and abattre effects are the decoration of choice on pockets and vests. Olive and yellow tones of icy moss and hidden sunlight outline marocain ribs. Brown and mauve tints of embossed leather and cherrywood pipe shade caroset flannel. Creative and carefree… Easy Spirit.

Match Point… I’ve got game… Match Point.

Blue and green tints of pro circuit and center court shade stripes of all shapes and sizes. Brighton weaves bring playful pattern to traditional wool suitings. Rippling bourrelet stitches give sporty sweaters added textural interest. Gray and silver tones of cloudy afternoon and rain delay cover comfortable fleece hoodies and shirts. Ice and indigo hues of lightning serve and grand slam are blended to give hardeesy tweed contemporary flair. Ready to win… Match Point.

Rugged Daze… In a daze… Rugged Daze.

Mahogany and silver hues of forest hideaway and wintry morning cover ecouaille coats and vests. Algoa corduroy pants and shirts are brushed for added texture. Grivele effects and pebbled granite cloth give classic separates a gently worn look favored by new bohemians. Brown and gold tones of tobacco leaf and ale shade tiny paisley patterns and plisse stripes. Blush and gray tints of wine drop and broken quill fill in muted club checks. A blank stare… Rugged Daze.

Color Vibe… Feel the vibe… Color Vibe.

Blue and green tones of marbled sky and dappled ivy are mixed on luminous lacquer prints. Metallic bayko yarns are added to clotted wool to create shimmering texture. Napped tricot flannel is used to craft comfortable wardrobe basics. Brown and yellow hues of molten copper and burnished sunset give glace leathers added richness. Purple and pink tints of varnished night and faceted spark are combined for a fresh take on grisaille effects. Surrounded by color… Color Vibe.

Global Living… Going global… Global Living.

Red and orange tints of silk tassel and glowing chamber decorate eye-catching noil stripes. Havenese embroidery detailing adorns distressed denim for a handcrafted look. Casual broche and jersey combinations are perfect for treks to distant lands. Crimson and brick tones of rare ruby and hypnotic flame color vibrant plaid and paisley patterns. Mauve and purple shades of plume fan and ikat are blended on slubbed cupioni yarns. A global view… Global Living.

Metro Scene… A cosmopolitan scene… Metro Scene.

Orange and beige hues of fresh marmalade and almond biscotti are paired on imprime stripe and check patterns. Barathea silks are used to craft luxurious ties and shirts. Coats and suits of cheviot are the ultimate in sophisticated urban style. Green and blue tones of herbal blend and power breakfast shade twilled coupure sweaters. Purple and pink tints of lavender tea and mixed berry scone highlight braided twill weaves. On the scene… Metro Scene.


Design Options, has a golbal client base, filling the color needs of large retailers to small indie design firms. Design Options Inc is dedicated to bringing Southern California’s unique aesthetic to the world. Its singular, cutting edge perspective, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of the current marketplace, fuels the company’s imaginative products and high-end consulting services.

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