Womenswear 3 Essential Colors F/W 2016-17, Sophisticated Deep Darks

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Fresh from the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris, the Trendstop team brings WeConnectFashion readers a first look at three key color trends coming through for Fall 2016, as designers demonstrate a focus on deep, dark tones that create sophisticated looks: from Black Navy, to saturated Beetroot Extract, and lusterious Navy Sateen.

Fresh From The Runways

#Trendstop on #WeConnectFashion, Key Women's Catwalk Color FW 16/17: Jasper Conran women-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h

Black Navy

#Trendstop on #WeConnectFashion, Key Women's Catwalk Color FW 16/17: Black Navy.

Navy evolves with intense new depths of color, as darkened infusions produce an ultra-dark shade for winter.

  • Stops a single shade away from pure black.
  • Designs express a formal sophistication with matte surfaces.
  • Highlights include woolen outerwear and cozy knits.

Beetroot Extract

#Trendstop on #WeConnectFashion, Key Women's Catwalk Color FW 16/17: Beetroot Extract

Dark and rich, beetroot is distilled to its purest essence to produce a saturated red-purple tone with berry qualities.

  • Warm textures like wool and knit complement the autumnal mood.
  • Black contrasts enhance depth on leathers.
  • Beauty looks create vampish statements for evenin
women-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h Trendstop on #WeConnectFashion, Key Women's Catwalk Color FW 16/17: Navy Sateen.

Navy blue takes a luxurious direction with a sheen-like quality, inspired by the lustre of sateen fabrications

  • The color introduces a refined depth to products.
  • Sheen finishes add a luxe touch to velvety padding and ponyskin.
  • White contrasts lend a sportive cleanness to footwear.
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