Women's S/S 2017 Top Forecasted Graphics

Courtesy of Fashion Snoops

Fashion Snoops presents the SS 17 top forecasted graphic themes. For women, exploring other cultures and appreciating their traditional design processes is the main objective for Spring. This information has been compiled into a special report for WeConnectFashion members, courtesy of Fashion Snoops. The full version of the trend report is available now for individual purchase in the WeConnectFashion Trend Shop.

Editors’ Top Picks


#FashionSnoops #printtrends on #WeConnectFashion. SS17 Women's graphics story: Bauhaus Geometrics.

Bauhaus is a strong movement for Spring 17, as the “house of constructions” recognizable geometrics create strong screens as well as all over patterns. Sonia & Robert Delaunay, Frank Stella and Ausguste Herbin are all artists of interest here.


Havana Tiles

#FashionSnoops #printtrends on #WeConnectFashion. SS17 Women's graphics story: Havana Tiles

The tiles of Havana show how they have been well used and loved, as the color and details are fading away. There is of course a perfectly symmetrical repeat created as florals dominate the designs. Colors vary between pastel pigments and vibrant formations.


Powerful Message

#FashionSnoops #printtrends on #WeConnectFashion. SS17 Women's graphics story: Powerful Message

Sitting alongside Abandoned, we are viewing the world from a negative standpoint, which comes to life via screen messages of consumerism, and unfulfilled dreams, which are strengthened with newspaper and digitally glitched textures.



#FashionSnoops #printtrends on #WeConnectFashion. SS17 Women's graphics story: Transient

Transient is our second world traveler story, as we see an eloquent nomad, as she travels from place to place with layering her silhouette, combining her prints and ultimately adapting to her newest surroundings. Patchwork is of course an important component, although is tonal, less contrasted and maturely subtle. Moroccan lamps and their light reflections adds a delicate nature to this story, as Indonesian florals add cultural strength.


Washed Away

#FashionSnoops #printtrends on #WeConnectFashion. SS17 Women's graphics story: Washed Away

Washed away is our second dye effect, as we see fabrics, which have faded and eroded due to the harsh conditions of the ocean. The palette is of gentle blues and greys and there is a serenity that only comes from listening to the crashing waves.

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