Women's Print and Color Trends S/S 2017

Courtesy of Pattern People

Pattern People has recently released their Spring / Summer 2017 print and color guide. Wow, is it fun. Here are four trend images from the report to blast you into hyper inspired mode. Naive Narrative, Graphic Jungle, Summer Bounty, and Earth Angel lead the way for seasonal direction.

Naive Narrative

women-s-print-and-color-trends-s-s-2017-ss17_1_naive women-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40hwomen-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h

Graphic Jungle

women-s-print-and-color-trends-s-s-2017-ss17_2_jungle women-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40hwomen-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h

Summer Bounty

women-s-print-and-color-trends-s-s-2017-ss17_3_bounty women-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40hwomen-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h

Earth Angel

women-s-print-and-color-trends-s-s-2017-ss17_3_earthangelwomen-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h women-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h
More Report Details

Kick off your design season with Pattern People’s Spring/Summer 17 Trend Guide ocused exclusively on print and color. Key directions come to life with visually stunning imagery in easy to reference magazine-style layouts. Whether you design apparel, home goods, or surface designs, this definitive guide shows you the way to creating an exciting and market relevant collection for the Spring 2017 season and beyond.

For more surface design inspiration, visit: Pattern People.

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