Women's + Men's Trend Forecast FW 2012-13

Courtesy of Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF

Season Themes Women’s Men’s: View the trends created by CIFF for their February 2012 event. Four distinct trendlines are on display, each has substantive material, both visual and descriptive. Themes for both the women’s and men’s forecast are: New Romantics, Wild Things, Retro Maniacs, and Seventy Somethings. The report is a good overview to get retailers in the mood of the Fall/Winter 2012-13 buying season.


New Romantics

ciff-fw13_1 ciff-fw13_1b ciff-fw13_1c

It’s a candy coloured world for picture perfect ladies and gentlemen

A whimsical air of youthful charm surrounds the New Romantics. Delicate pastels and vibrant acid nuances take centre stage in a fairy tale universe of frivolity and young romance, while buoyant silhouettes and ultra-light materials highlight a fresh elegance. A classic approach to dressing is seen in clear-cut, dainty shapes for women, which revisit the sophistication of Mid-Century smartness. It is a macaroon-coloured world of magic and grace. On the men’s side, a quietly rebellious 1960s spirit meets the playfulness of 1920s summer attire and sees the creation of a refined young gentleman with a worldly edge and a penchant for camel.

Wild Things

ciff-fw13_2 ciff-fw13_2b ciff-fw13_2c

For the natives of the Earth, nature is a walk-in wardrobe

A longing for the natural is what drives the Wild Things. Bluesare likened to the ocean and the sky, while the greys and whites of mountains make out a calm palette base. Chunky knits pay homage to the nomads of the north, while the warm colours of South American tribalwear appear on prints and patterns. An effortless approach to dressing is seen on the women’s side where the swathing of cosy materials around the body is key. The use of leathers and furs cements the natural feeling. Performance wear is the focal point for our man, who adopts the bohemian and sporty sense of styling of a modern-day traveller.

Retro Maniacs

ciff-fw13_3 ciff-fw13_3b ciff-fw13_3c

The rebels of today apply some beats to the swinging 60s

The free-spirited, upbeat minds of the Retro Maniacs give them their distinct sense of style. Multiple multi-coloured prints embody their universe and pay tribute to the patterns of the 1960s. A rebellious attitude is evident in the reworking of classic silhouettes and a re-imagined celebration of the old. Burgundy, auburn and mustard play tag with tartans and tweeds in an utterly British sense of styling. The arty nature of our woman is exemplified in a quirky attitude to dresses and skirts, which appears both boyish and boho chic, while in the men’s division, the mood is set for mod.

Seventy Somethings

ciff-fw13_4 ciff-fw13_4b ciff-fw13_4c

Throw a little glitter on it with the evening’s finest crowd

A sense of 1970s glamour and sophistication rules supreme for our Seventy Somethings. Deep purples and reds are contrasted with black, gold and orange in the shimmer of disco balls and cocktail rings, while striking silhouettes are cut in the sumptuous materials of evening dresses and tailored suits. These are the lounge lovers of the luxury world. Studio 54 is the backdrop for our dazzling queens of the night, who sparkle in sequins, fur and killer heels. A sexy air of ruggedness describes our cosmopolitan playboy, who values double-breasted suits, rollnecks and a smart sportscar above all.

Report courtesy of: The Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF), Europe’s #1 fashion fair. View the Fall / Winter 2012-13 CIFF Report in its entirety.

Credits. Art Direction: Stine Aalykke. Creative Direction: Anders Solvsten Thomsen. Production: Ann Hertha / Fashion Exclusive Anette Kjergaard / Fashion Exclusive. Editing: Anders Christian Madsen….. Pictures: Abaca, AP, Armando Gallo / Retna Ltd / Corbis, Bettmann / Corbis, Black Sheep, Cat’s Collection / Corbis, Christian Simonpietri / Sygma / Corbis, Christopher Smith / Retna Ltd / Corbis, Frank Trapper / Corbis, Hiroyuki Takeno / a.collectionRF / amanaimages / Corbis, Kev Rush / Planet Photos, Kurt Krieger / Corbis, PA Photos, Stephane Cardinale / People Avenue / Corbis, Sunset Boulevard/Corbis, The Granger Collection, WWD / Conde Nast / Corbis
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