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Seasonal Direction Mens, Women’s: From the trends presented at Texworld, Paris, in mid-September, a report with four distict themes, appropriately titled PORTRAITS. “In our over-imaged world, the portrait has become a new genre… the relation “with Ourselves” is scrambled, we no longer live in the present but digitally. This is a pivotal period. The withdrawal towards authentic values sounds like the answer to a better future…” Report courtesy of {::event fido=”INFST0000081” /}, the international meeting place for the textile industry.

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Recycling, Reflections, Returns, Ricochets The hydro-elementary basis retains our attention. The reflective surface of the wave brings back, throughout these different structures, the image of purity. The minimalistic nature portrays the outlines of an intelligent return. Hybriding our soul, the cold reflection of the primary resource captivates our ecological conscience. The surreal hydration of the mind washes and purifies our devastating guilt. The organic cycle stands as the absolute model.

Aspects The waterproof transparencies will play back to backwith lightness. The heterogeneous and intelligent layers answer our desire to recycle. The long pelisse and the wavy surface will mix with the broken curves of the hydro-aesthetics. The gelify aspect will soften the dry and breakable cottons. The humidified appearances and the humid patterns will draw a new aesthetic to coincidence. Washing, Tie Dye, Washed-out, Faded, Whitened, Diluted, Soaked… the patterns and prints will play “Cleanliness”. The dissolved and diffused weaving will supplant the artificial rigors. The wooly and raw aspect will bring traditional consonances from the cold North.

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The dawn of the austere future diverts our stare from the selfish reflections. The community awakening develops our fraternal instincts. Like tribes with secular behavior, our reconciliation unifies us, like a family. The simple values echo in our vital needs. From the union of our elementary intentions is born a new innocent aesthetic. The Authoritarian Nature fuses and shapes, with harmony, the allegory of a polyglot region. The naive feeling takes the agreed aesthetic and distinguishes with lightness the “stricto sensu-al”.

Aspects The rural tradition of the woolen, quilted and padded prides of noble fibers. The comforting aspect of the soft boutis will comfort the land with the souvenirs of English embroideries and guipure. The felted areas, quilts, lightweight felt, and the oiled cloth play a concert of Gaelic arpeggios. Far from the western cowboys, the Northern checked blooms like a clan on cretonne, cotton veil, linen, and wool. All the sheep family and her comforting fleece are praised: the teeming curls. The ancient cuffs and gabardines enclose the preciousness of fabrics with engraved memories.

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After the dark dusk, our new vision will follow the darkened splendors of Nature. The past’s mistakes; visible scars of an oppressing hand; the melancholic lyricism of Nature that implores, disrupts our apprehension towards her. At the preamble of our new way of being, the imaginary souvenir of children’s tales paints our faces with strange animal singularities. The ghostly apparition of our reflection projects us at the border of reality.

Aspects The foggy and light envelop of the chiffons, cloths, evanescent mesh and veil symbolically dissimulates the skin. The skin is back in the foreground with epidermal and skin touch aspects. The games of dermal fabric will accentuate with shades off skin colors. The shades of similar tones will develop the curiosity of hidden patterns. The skin aspect is declined in many ways: colt, elephant, coarse fur, soft fur, peach skin… the satins and crepes will hum a language between shadow and light. Caped in velvet and rigorous drapery, a scaled body astonishes us by its brightness.

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We always pay the price one day. At the doom of our existence, the modern doubts attack and undermine our past certitudes. And if, instead of “over-charging”, we capitalized on our skills? The materialistic opulence of the decorative golden age is back and raises a historical dialogue with our minimalistic contemporary. The memorable affection of simpler times composes a zany marquetry, on the verge of confusion. The intimacy of memories resurfaces. A joyful smile regains our faces. Generations come together like dissonant and oriental mosaics.

Aspects “Assembling” reigns and announces the historical comeback. Game of dissonant harmony and opposed geometry. A strong and marked graphical language flourishes of past allusions and accessories. The polished, the vynils and varnished will come and support matified satins. The color is velveted, the patterns are precise and faded. Cosmopolitan art deco from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s breaks out of the archives and inspires a new ornamented dialect. The allusions to British tailoring are numerous, sort of new oriental colonialism in a repertoire Arte-povera. The jacquard exalts its technicality.

WCF Editor Note. I strongly urge you to view the full Texworld report. It is an etherial gem that includes color along with directional fabric and denim tendencies.

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