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Women's High-End Jewelry Buyers

Sales are the life-blood of your jewelry business. If you’ve tried researching, building and verifying a quality list of jewelry buyer prospects, you know is time consuming. We know, it’s what we do. The editors at WeConnectFashion have been the go-to source for fashion industry contact lists since 1998.

Having a fine-tuned curated list of fashion retail buyers is key. That’s what you will find here. Make retail appointments before market and connect with your buyers throughout the year when open-to-buy dollars are available. It’s all about the list!


Verified and compiled by WCF editors. Reach a targeted group of fashion buyers with a quality list of women’s contemporary retail jewelry buyers. You choose 400 or 900 contact names, $350 or $775 usd.


Who are responsible for selecting: women’s, missy, precious, bridge, fashion and costume jewelry.

Buyers who purchase: fashion jewelry, costume jewelry, bridge jewelry, hair accessories, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and bangles. While the focus of this list is on jewelry buyers, many contacts are also responsible for selecting accessories in general, which includes, hats & caps, millinery, scarves, shawls and wraps, gloves, seasonal accessories, sunglasses, eyewear and handbags.

Retailers whose price points include: better-contemporary, bridge and designer.

Whose titles are: CEO, Owner, Co-Owner, President, Vice President, Fashion Director, DMM, GMM, Regional Merchandise Manager, Manager, Senior Buyer, Buyer, and/or Assistant Buyer.

Titles may vary depending on each retail location. Smaller shops you’ll find the CEO or Owner may be the main contact for buying while at a department store or specialty shop, the buyer, DMM or GMM may be listed. We do not list CEO or President as a contact on larger store records.


Receive a range of retailer types at: department stores, top boutiques, jewelers, specialty chain stores, as well as catalog and online accessories retailers in the USA.

Retailer Type Breakdown by %:

  • 7% of the list is made up of department store buyers
  • 10% are contacts at specialty locations
  • 63% for the top boutiques with 1 to 15 locations
  • 20% online & catalog retailers


This Sales Leads list includes buyer contacts at stores, such as:

  • Charm & Chain
  • Tiny Jewel Box
  • Bailey Banks & Biddle
  • Sucre
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Ron Herman
  • Stanley Korshak
  • Thomas Sires
  • A. Cheng
  • Satine
  • Bergdorf Goodman
  • Bettina Duncan
  • Scout
  • Mezzanine
  • Lux Bond & Green
  • Barney’s
  • Nordstrom
  • Daniella Fox,
  • Maxfield
  • The Met
  • Peter Kate
  • Funda & Marc
  • Just Jeffery
  • Blue Bee,
  • 25Park
  • OAK
  • Ploacheck’s Jewlers
  • Curve
  • Oou


Below is a sample of the type of information you will find on this list:

  • 18 East 69th Street
  • New York, NY 10021
  • Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
  • Website:
  • Buyer Name: XXXX XXXXXX
  • Title: VP Jewelry
  • Email:
  • Buyer Responsibilities: women’s accessories including jewelry, small leather goods, footwear
  • Store Type: boutique
  • Number of Stores: 1

  • Please note email addresses are only included if the buyer has given us permission to publish.


All information in our database is updated every 6 months to guarantee you have the most up-to-date info as possible. Please understand that information can change rapidly and we do our best to catch as much unforeseen movement as we can. Sometimes list mistakes happen, which is why we also put extra contacts on your order just incase. This list carries our guarantee of your total unlimited use for 1 full year. We understand how important it is for you to meet your goals and giving you a successful list is a top priority.


This list is sent to your email address as an excel file attachment. Some lists may take 3 to 5 business day to verify and send your email address.

Please note for your records, this list is only sent via email and will not be printed nor shipped. Also because of the online nature of our products - there are no refunds.

WeConnectFashion is proud to have many leading Fashion Brands, Retailers, Libraries, Trade Shows and Press as repeat clients. For a list of our clients, please read About Us.

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