Women's FW 2008-09 Color Trend Report

Courtesy of Design Options Inc

Fall / Winter 2008-2009 - Viva la Femme! Design Options universal color for the women’s Fall 2008, Winter 2009 market displays a range of beautiful palettes, textural contrasts and mixed sensibilities. The report highlights the top color trends of the season with a sampling of descriptions that touch on trim and fabric use, a mood board and six palettes. Femininity in many of its forms reigns supreme this season.

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Viva La Femme… Bold and beautiful… Viva La Femme.

Blue and purple tones of cool lapis and frozen orchid cover plush brocaded velvet. Petal-soft duvetyn is pleated and gathered to make an enticing fashion statement. Whimsical flower motifs and jaunty stripes decorate patterned faconne. Red and pink hues of berry breeze and rose wind brighten abstract foliage and geometric prints. Orange and green shades of icy poppy and glacial leaf are the right combination on aures fabrics. Feminine allure… Viva La Femme.

Cameo Appearance… A cameo role…Cameo Appearance.

Silver and blue hues of patina and faded satin give ensembles of crepe mohair a new softness. Silk and wool broche blends are used to craft charming suits. Ratine yarns resemble the ribbons and millinery trims of days gone by. Green and blush tones of pillbox hat and pressed rose outline marocain ribs. Tan and peach tints of antique lace and chapeau shade brode floral designs on skirts and dresses. Make an appearance… Cameo Appearance.

Close Knit… The best of friends… Close Knit.

Mocha and spice shades of dark chocolate latte and cinnamon dolce cover luxurious boucle. Twilled coupure and smooth jersey are layered to create an enticing blend of textures. En carreau designs and miniature circles are stylish accents on each ensemble. Brown and rose tones of caramel macchiato and strawberry crème outline floating bourette yarns. Mauve and silver hues of spiced raisin cappuccino and sugared chai color hazy stripes. Always together… Close Knit.

Divine Karma… Divine inspiration…Divine Karma.

Blue and purple tints of holy night and sacred vow decorate layers of twilled basane and soft challis. Lustrous moire finishes and metallic prints cast a heavenly glow on those who seek enlightenment. Outfits that feature marseilles quilting warm body and soul. Orange and yellow tones of aura and halo are paired on textured node cloth. Crimson and green shades of rosary bead and canticle alternate on braided twill weaves. Divine design… Divine Karma.

First Blush… A blushing beauty… First Blush.

Carnation and petal tones of silken dew and glossed pansy are mixed together to create exquisite marbled effects. Crochet detailing brings a touch of romance to necklines and hems. Marabou feathers and brushed angora yarns are combined on ultra-soft sweaters. Pink and floral hues of delicate bouquet and tender bloom alternate on plisse stripes that look like floating ribbons. Mauve and blossom shades of rare rose and winter posy outline delicate pleats. Blush hour… First Blush.

Mixed Signals… Mixed messages…Mixed Signals.

Silver and brown hues of Highlands and clan cover cozy fleece tops and jackets. Bold floral prints and classic glen plaid patterns brighten rainy days. Crimped silver yarns give rustic tweed a welcome bit of shine. Orchid and soft violet tints of twilight storm and windswept heather shade playful check and stripe combinations. Gray and blue tones of castle wall and tam-o’-shanter are paired on high-style clotted wool. Mixed and matched…Mixed Signals.


Design Options, has a golbal client base, filling the color needs of large retailers to small indie design firms. Design Options Inc is dedicated to bringing Southern California’s unique aesthetic to the world. Its singular, cutting edge perspective, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of the current marketplace, fuels the company’s imaginative products and high-end consulting services.

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