Women's Folk Blooms Print Report FW 2014-15

Courtesy of Trendstop

Trendstop takes a first look at a key print and pattern trend for Fall/Winter 2013-14 (directional) and Fall/Winter 2014-15 (mainstream) retail, complete with validated runway examples. Alert: fresh, rustic and appealingly feminine, Folk Blooms manifest in striking Florals on Black and ornate Tapestry Tales. commercial trend translation.

Retail Buyer Trend Alert.

Trendstop predicts that Folk Blooms will surface in directional European Fall/Winter 2013-14 collections, and will consequently be suitable to translate into the mainstream US market for Fall/Winter 2014-15. Folk Blooms takes a nostalgic look back at traditional styles, this organic trend adds a natural vintage chic to casual and eveningwear designs.


image courtesy Trendstop: Derek Lam Fall/Winter 2012-13

Black grounds create a striking contrast with traditional floral prints, which appear in bright yet subtly aged tones like mustard and rust red, and offer a fresh take on dark Fall/Winter styling. Rodarte adds intricacy to their blooms with trails of leafy detail, while Derek Lam’s bouquets look contemporary on glossy leather. Lu Flux’s feminine repeats are juxtaposed with a layered floral ruffle in multiple shades of egg yolk.

trendstop-fw15_print12 trendstop-fw15_print13

Confirming Trendstop’s 2012 prediction, Folksy Floral on Black has surfaced in designer Fall/Winter 2013-14 collections by names like Valentino and Clements Ribeiro. Additionally, tradeshow brands like Greylin and Shirtaporter have incorporated the look, as seen at MAGIC and Tranoi’s Fall/Winter 2013-14 editions.


•    Black ground contrast •    Tapestry floral •    Collaged floral brocade •    Faded and muted tones •    Russian look floral •    High gloss fabric contrast

London Street Style, Rodarte, Derek Lam, Lu Flux, all Fall/Winter 2012-13. Trend Validation images: Valentino, Clements Ribeiro, both Fall/Winter 2013-14, Greylin Fall/Winter 2013-14 at MAGIC, Shirtaporter Fall/Winter 2013-14 at Tranoï.



image courtesy Dolce and Gabbana Fall/Winter 2012-13

Traditional tales from cultures around the world are given new life for Fall/Winter. Mixing colorful needlework with beading and print, village scenery, mythic characters and floral motifs exude a folkloric appeal. Balmain opts for heavily textured finches and swirls, while Antonio Marras’ paneled clutch bag looks quaintly feminine. Mary Katrantzou updates the trend with a vibrant blue colorway, and Clements Ribeiro adds black leather for a touch of edgy rebellion.

trendstop-fw15_print9 trendstop-fw15_print10

Validating Trendstop’s 2012 prediction for Fall/Winter 2013-14 (or 2014-15 for mainstream markets), we see Folk Tapestry Tales translated into designer collections this season (as seen at Matthew Williamson and Vivienne Westwood), as well as tradeshows’ Fall/Winter 2013-14 editions – illustrated here by pieces from Recupero Cotone and Mattus, both presenting at Tranoi.


•    Hand beading •    Brightly colored native birds •    Tonal seascap •    Village brights •    Decorative hand stitching

images courtesy Trendstop: Balmain, Antonio Marras, Mary Katrantzou, Clements Ribeiro, all Fall/Winter 2012-13. Trend Validation images: Matthew Williamson and Vivienne Westwood, both Fall/Winter 2013-14, Recupero Cotone and Mattus, both Fall/Winter 2013-14 at Tranoi.
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