Women’s F/W 2018-19 Seasonal Forecast

Courtesy of Trend Council

Women’s trend direction for the Fall / Winter 2018-19 season is far ranging form Czarina with it’s sumptuous richness, to Dynasty which celebrates 80’s bigness, and then to Winter Bird which mixes organic with technical for lofty affect. Thanks to Trend Council for offering three captivating boards to inspire.

Mood Theme: Czarina

#trendcouncil FW 18/19 Women’s report on #WeConnectFashion, Trend Mood: Czarina. spacer_640x60

Mood Theme: Winter Bird

#trendcouncil FW 18/19 Women’s report on #WeConnectFashion, Trend Mood: Winter Bird. spacer_640x60

Mood Theme: Dynasty

#trendcouncil FW 18/19 Women’s report on #WeConnectFashion, Trend Mood: Dynasty. spacer_640x60spacer_640x40

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