Women's Eyewear Trends FW 2011-12

Crystal-embellished frames add sophisticated sparkle, while outsized glasses convey a retro geek chic feel for F/W 2011-12. Retro continues to be a key theme in Blues Brothers black out shades and funky super circles. Square is another key shape for eyewear. Frames are kept easy-to-match with tortoiseshell and white appearing as the most popular choice.

Accessories Report

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Far left: Dark purple tint; rounded lenses; light grey & black; resin frame; marbled effect. Second left: Silver wire rim; flip-up sunglasses; black lenses; black resin frame; retro influence. Centre: Dark tint; circular lenses; bright orange; translucent Lucite frames. Second right: Pale rose-tinted lenses; white matte plastic frame; oversized circular style. Far right: Diagonal flip-out sunglasses; retro-futurist style; grey tint; chunky black frame; glossy finish.


Far left: Graduated purple tint lenses; cut out bridge; translucent frame; patterned top section. Second left: Graduated brown tint; dark brown resin frame; vintage oversized style; rounded corners. Centre: Graduated dark brown tint; moss green frame; coated resin. Second right: Black angular frame; black tinted lenses; Blues Brothers style; retro pop culture influence; high shine resin. Far right: Tortoiseshell resin frame; dark brown lenses; neon purple arm detail.


Far left: Black square frame; clear lenses; retro studious look. Second left: Tortoiseshell square frame; clear lenses; retro geek chic; oversized style. Centre: Black D-frame; glossy acetate; silver micro stud detail; clear lenses. Second right: Aviator style; fine metal frame; gunmetal grey; clear lenses. Far right: Retro style; aviator look; cut out bridge; translucent cream; lucite frame; clear lenses.


Far left: Triangular frame; rounded point; graduated lenses; brown tint; “granny chic.” Second left: Rounded lenses; black tint; black & cream tortoiseshell; bold patterning. Centre: Angular cat eye shape; amber tinted lenses; resin frame; gold metal bridge & arms; yellow & dark brown tortoiseshell. Second right: Wayfarer shape; yellow & dark brown tortoiseshell; dark lenses; graduated tint; frosted polycarbonate frame. Far right: Wrap-around sunglasses; branded arm; cut out detail on arm; dark brown tinted lenses.


Far left: Contrast print arm; mustard acetate frame; black lenses; silver micro screw feature. Second left: Cream resin frame; black-out lenses; silver hinge feature; metal brand name detail. Centre: Mirrored lenses; wooden frame; wood grain detail; light brown. Second right: Clear Lucite frame; brown tint; light lenses. Far right: Ultraviolet arms; clear Lucite frame; mirrored lenses.


Far left: Retro style; oversized round frames; dark tinted lenses. Second left: Circular shape; mother of pearl frame; dark tinted lenses; retro-futurist style; concave. Centre: Round cat eye frame; white acetate; black tinted lenses; retro style; 1960s sunglasses. Second right: Black lenses; white plastic frame; gold metal bridge & arm; triangular arched bridge. Far right: D-frame; subtly outsized; dark tinted lenses; clear Lucite frame; graduate white to clear; black metal arms.


Far left: D-frame; plastic frame; Blues Brothers influence; retro style; glossy acetate. Second left: Square shape; glossy acetate frame; black frame & lenses; retro style. Centre: Wrap-around sunglasses; back tie detail; matte leather frame; rectangular lenses. Second right: Cat eye shape; vintage style; glossy acetate frame; skinny contoured arms. Far right: Rectangular frame; black acetate; black lenses; white brand logo; arm detail.